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Requests of public records may be made to the Alliance Police Department Records Division.  All requests are subject to the guidelines set forth under the Ohio Revised Code.  The Alliance Police Department will fully comply with all records requests pursuant to these guidelines.

 "Upon request and subject to division (B)(8) of this section, all public records responsive to the request shall be promptly prepared and made available for inspection to any person at all reasonable times during regular business hours. Subject to division (B)(8) of this section, upon request, a public office or person responsible for public records shall make copies of the requested public record available at cost and within a reasonable period of time. If a public record contains information that is exempt from the duty to permit public inspection or to copy the public record, the public office or the person responsible for the public record shall make available all of the information within the public record that is not exempt. When making that public record available for public inspection or copying that public record, the public office or the person responsible for the public record shall notify the requester of any redaction or make the redaction plainly visible. A redaction shall be deemed a denial of a request to inspect or copy the redacted information, except if federal or state law authorizes or requires a public office to make the redaction."

Review of the full statute in full can be found at the link below

149.43 Availability of public records for inspection and copying.

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Alliance Police Department Incident and Accident Reports are now available online for your convenience.

Only reports that have been completed by the officer and approved by supervisor will be available online. If your search yields no reports, please try again the following day.  If you can’t find your report online or have further questions, please contact our records department or the officer who took your report via telephone or email for assistance.

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Get Incident and Accident Reports Online Click Here




You may also print and mail in a request form with the paper form attached to this page below:


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