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Many types of crime can effect businesses. These crimes not only effect the business itself but the owner, employees and customers can also be touched by these crimes. Two of the most prevalent crimes against businesses is shoplifting and robbery. Although these crimes are most likely to effect any or all businesses in our community, there are ways that business owners can safeguard against them.
Shoplifting is probably the most frequent crime against businesses.
Ways to combat shoplifting are:
Ÿ Make sure the cashier can see the entire store, if not then install mirrors to see those areas
Ÿ Raise the cash register
Ÿ Use closed circuit surveillance security cameras
Ÿ Attempt to say hello to all incoming customers
These may not be one hundred percent solutions, however it could deter shoplifting incidents.
Robbery is a very common crime against businesses. A robbery can happen in any business. There are some businesses that have a greater chance of becoming a target. Convenience stores, Gas stations, Liquor stores, and local corner supermarkets are all examples of those types of businesses. Business owners should ask themselves if the following puts them more at risk.
Ÿ Late hours
Ÿ Only one clerk
Ÿ Lack or no surveillance cameras
Ÿ Poor lighting
Ÿ Few or no money drops
Prevention Tips
There is no sure fire way to keep your business from being robbed. There are ways however that, can help limit the chances.
Ÿ Limit customer access to cash register and employees
Ÿ A drop safe/with frequent drops
Ÿ Surveillance cameras
Ÿ Good interior and exterior lighting
Ÿ An unobstructed view of the interior from outside
How to react to a robbery
A robbery is committed by using force or a threat of force with an actual or perceived weapon. If you or your employees are robbed follow these simple ideas to help keep you safe.
Ÿ Cooperate do not put yourself or others at risk of harm for the small amount of cash
Ÿ Remember what the suspect looked like, what they were wearing, the direction of travel when leaving and the type of weapon used or threatened
Ÿ Call the police immediately
We must remember that there are no guarantees and that all we can do is try to make our businesses and community safer and more secure.

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